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Food Snack Bags, Tissue & Toilet Paper Series

Food Snack Bags, Tissue & Toilet Paper Series

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Food Snack Bags
1. Oil-proof paper bag for food and snacks
Material: food grade pulp paper
Model: regular, pointed bottom, square bottom
Features: Oil-proof, convenient for dressing and takeout packaging
Applicable: fried chicken, chicken nuggets, French fries and other fried foods
Usage occasions: fast food restaurants, Western restaurants, cinemas, coffee shops

2. Baked bread snack bags
Material: white kraft paper food grade paper bag
Features: beautiful, convenient for dressing up and taking out
Applicable: packaging of Western bread, cakes, pastries, biscuits and other food and takeaway packaging
Usage occasions: bakery, coffee shop, takeaway packaging

3. Milk tea packaging bag
Material: high quality PE material
Features: Stable packaging, strong specificity
Applicable: milk tea, soy milk, coffee and various beverages
Usage occasions: milk tea shops, soy milk shops, coffee shops, beverage shops and fast food restaurants, etc.

4. Thickened transparent portable takeaway packaging plastic bag
Material: transparent PE material
Features: thickened toughness, wide applicability
Suitable for: packaging of food, fruits, gifts and baked goods, etc.
Usage occasions: takeaway packaging in fast food restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, fruit shops, etc.

Tissue & Toilet Paper series
1. Square Tissue
Raw material: virgin wood pulp
Fragrance type: clean flavor (unscented type)
Features: Square shape, soft paper and no crumbs
Suitable for: wiping mouth during catering
Usage occasions: tea restaurants, western restaurants, restaurants, hot pot restaurants, barbecue restaurants, breakfast restaurants

2. Large rolls of commercial toilet paper
Raw material: wood pulp
Fragrance type: clean flavor (unscented type)
Features: delicate, soft, strong and water-absorbent
Applicable: toilet paper
Usage occasions: public restrooms in hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.


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Food Snack Bags, Tissue & Toilet Paper Series